Friday, December 21, 2012

Full Moon:
This landscape is made with black ink on a blue acrylic background. For the white and highlights I used wite-out. Lately I having using wite-out for white and I am comfortable working with it. I like how it come out for a quick color sketch background.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Rooster and Chickens:

Monterey Bay Aquarium:
Last week I had the opportunity to go to Monterey Aquarium and if you haven't gone you don't even know what are you missing out.  It's fun, amazing, and incredible world that the sea offers!!!
9-11 We Will Always Remember:
I did this small acrylic painting on a hard board panel.  It is a beautiful night scene of the World Trade Center. I used different photo references for the final painting. I did this painting couples months ago and I decided to share and post it in my blog. In the honor of all the victims and to their love ones.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gasoline Station:
This gas station is very close to my house. I love its lights and how they lit the place at night. Also, I did this piece while seating on my car having a nice coffee. All of my night scenes I think this is my favorite. If you look closer you can see the reflection in the Metal of the pump gas of the red,white and blue post next to it. Hope you like also!!

Stop sign with light:
I always wanted to sketch this stop sign with light on top so one day about 9:30 pm I drove out to town where this sign is located and drew it. This is done with Pastel pencils. They are great I love them.

One of my lamp and the light reflecting on metal chrome bars. 

Looking through my window:
Capturing the scenery of a cold quiet night through my window.

Pink Pandas!! Go Pink pandas Go!!
Local Little League invited me to volunteer and coach a team of just girls so we called the team Pink Pandas. I decided to design and create a Logo for my team. I started with few sketches and final drawing I finished in Photoshop. All the girls, the parents and other coaches loved it. I made a 18x24 poster size. It is very cute!! I like it how it turned out. By the way, we had a great season Go Pink Pandas!!!

I wanted to experiment with a strong black background and some white. Acrylic black paint and I used Wite-out  for the the contrast on black. I like to used and work with wite-out works awesome as white or just to add highlights. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

African Sunset with Elephants: 
I am researching and creating different ideas, sketches and storyboards for a painting that consist of a African Sunset with some elephants. I am experimenting with ink, markers, acrylic and color pencils to see which medium I chose for final decision.

Toro Bravo: I really like this piece and I had fun doing it as well. I used Japanese black ink on a acrylic background and white pencil for the highlights.  I love the Earth colors that I used for the background.

Silhouettes of different character and character smocking.


Cat silhouette

Sketches with pen and ink on acrylic background and white chalk for the highlights.